Pro-Faith. Pro-Family. Pro-Choice.

The mission of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice is to be the leading religious voice for reproductive justice in the country.

When seeing someone who is clearly religious  – whether they’re wearing indicators of their faith such as a clerical collar, a crucifix, a kippah, or even a t-shirt with a religious message on it  – you might assume that person does not believe a woman should have access to compassionate abortion care, or comprehensive sexuality education, or even contraception.

RCRC is proof that you would likely be mistaken.

For over 40 years, RCRC has been a voice for reproductive choice, and has been active in working with women and men  – especially those at the margins  – at the intersection of faith, policy and our reproductive lives. Supportive clergy have been giving sermons about the moral agency of women to make decisions about their lives for decades, as well as praying quietly with women when actually making those decisions. We have stood arm-in-arm with proponents of comprehensive sexuality education, worked for a version of the Affordable Care Act that included contraception with no co-pays, and were instrumental in bringing faithful voices of those at the pulpit, in pews and in communities across the country to issues such as the Violence Against Women Act, the approval of Plan B pills and telemedicine for abortions, and for the ability of servicewomen to access abortion care while serving our country. We believe in faith expressed in action.

Solidly grounded in a deep belief that our work should be sourced, implemented and led by the people it affects, we are building a grassroots movement of people who understand that it’s time for religious people who believe in reproductive justice to stand up.

We hope you’ll join us!


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