Isn’t it time we changed the conversation?ItsTime_v1

At the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, we believe that it’s time to have a different conversation about the intersections of religion, abortion, sexuality, and justice, and we’re calling on religious leaders, people of faith, and other folks who believe that we must change the conversation to join us.

For too long, the public debate on these issues has been dominated by strident voices who want a monopoly on religion. It’s time to tell the truth: that most people of faith in this country – like the majority of Americans overall – want families and individuals to have access to contraception, sexuality education, and reproductive healthcare including abortion.

It’s time to talk about religion and abortion. It’s time to talk about religion and sexuality. And it’s time to talk about religion and justice.

RCRC has been committed to reproductive choice, rights, health and justice for 41 years, so we know a little about the discourse in the country when it comes to issues regarding our reproductive lives. We also know that religion has played a disproportionate role in damaging the relationship to our bodies and sexuality. Because of that, we feel we have an obligation to work to undo that harm.

We believe that it starts with a conversation.

Whether it’s a clergy member speaking out from the pulpit, or a college student having a private conversation with his or her closest friend, these conversations about religion, abortion, sexuality, and justice can create a culture based on the shared values of understanding, dignity and compassion. The It’s Time Campaign is a recognition and call to action that we must have authentic conversations that are based in our lived experiences, not on a narrow view pushed by religious extremists. RCRC is working across a wide variety of faith traditions to help religious leaders, people of faith, and supporters of reproductive health, rights, and justice speak up in communities and congregations across the country.

But where do you start?

The first thing to do is to sign the It’s Time Pledge, and join us in changing the conversation. Next, read our tips for having conversations that create long-lasting change. If you’re clergy or other religious leader, check out this piece on clergy engagement, which gives you ideas on how to be strong voice for reproductive justice. Soon, we’ll have a sermon guide that will be rich in scriptural texts and innovative ways to use your pulpit for change. Additionally, our section on prayers on numerous topics is a great resource for anyone, especially when looking for guidance or solace during times of decision or reproductive loss.

We are big believers in the power of stories to make change, and telling stories about abortion is key to shifting our culture from judgment to empathy, and from shame to compassion. If you have had an abortion, consider telling your story.

If activism is what lights you up, our Tools for Activists section is a good place to start. You might even find one of our Affiliates or grassroots networks nearby where you can get more involved. We also regularly post ways for you to Take Action, making it easy to communicate with your elected officials in Washington about issues you care about.

We’re excited to start talking. Join us in the conversation!

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