Religious Community for Reproductive Choice

Rooted in sacred, moral, and reproductive justice values, RCRC is a multifaith, intersectional, and antiracist movement for reproductive freedom and dignity leading in spiritual companionship, curating frameworks for faith leaders, and training the next generation of activists.

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Support for spiritual leaders

Are you a faith leader bringing your community into conversation around reproductive dignity and justice? How can clergy members best respond to and support those in reproductive crisis in their communities?

We offer interfaith training for clergy, chaplains, and ministry professionals to provide judgment-free emotional and spiritual support to those in their faith communities at these times.

Care for those in reproductive crisis

We strive to provide a safe and compassionate space for individuals who may be going through a difficult reproductive crisis such as infertility, loss, abortion or a lack of maternal care. We understand that these experiences can be overwhelming and isolating, which is why we offer a variety of spiritual care and resources to support you in your journey.

Our goal is to empower you with the tools you need to honor your unique experience, heal from any emotional pain, and find hope and peace on the other side of this crisis.

Support for Reproductive Crises

Find education and support if you are experiencing a reproductive crisis.

Faith Based Resources for Clinics

We provide spiritual care pamphlets and resources for patients and their families during the clinical stage of an abortion.

Leadership Training

Training clergy, ministers, counselors, social workers, and others in the healing professions who are fostering and facilitating conversations about reproductive freedom and justice.

Activist Education

Our Learning Center provides robust academic training for those seeking to empower their activism and organizing with further education.


On academic campuses across the United States, Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom provides multi-faith fellowship for students regardless of faith to integrate their spirituality with their pursuit for reproductive justice on college campuses across America.

Spiritual support for every stage of your abortion journey

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"This was the best gift I have received in a long time — and is applicable to all of my work as an advocate."
"What a powerful training — I appreciate the combination of ritual and information. Especially appreciate the focus on the history of Reproductive Justice and centrality of Women of Color in this work."
"I learned that compassion for reproductive health is a needed narrative that I was not supporting. I will now!"

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