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Pro Faith. Pro Family. Pro Choice.

Rooted in sacred, moral, and reproductive justice values, the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC) is a multifaith, intersectional, and antiracist movement for reproductive freedom and dignity leading in spiritual companionship, curating frameworks for faith leaders, and training the next generation of activists.

RCRC values and promotes religious liberty which upholds the human and constitutional rights of all people to exercise their conscience to make their own reproductive health decisions without shame and stigma. RCRC challenges systems of oppression and seeks to remove the multiple barriers that impede individuals, especially those in marginalized communities, in accessing comprehensive reproductive health care with respect and dignity.

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Our Programs

Religion & Repro Learning Center

Educating Religious Leaders, Scholars, and Social Activists in Support of ReproductiveFreedom

Abortions Welcome

A Virtual, Spiritual Companion for People Before, During, and After Abortion

Compassionate Care

Training Professionals in Ministry, Healthcare, and More to Provide Spiritual Support to People Making Reproductive Decisions


Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom Program
Cultivating Pro-Choice Faith Leaders of Tomorrow

RCRC’s Clergy and Laypeople Proudly Support:


Access to comprehensive sexuality education


Family planning and contraception


Affordable child care and health care


Support for and access to adoption services


Safe, legal abortion services, regardless of income or circumstance