RCRC proudly celebrates our 50th anniversary: 1973-2023

In celebration of 50 years of interfaith leadership, activism, and spiritual accompaniment for reproductive freedom, we’re reflecting on our past, honoring what we’ve accomplished, acknowledging the moment we’re in now, and visioning the sacred work ahead. 

RCRC emerged from a pre-Roe network of clergy who came together in the spirit of compassion, justice, and pastoral obligation to help women access safe abortions. We now find ourselves in a post-Roe national crisis, one where people are once again being denied the inherent right to exercise their divinely-given moral agency to make decisions about their family and their future.

RCRC was made for this moment. And we will lovingly persist. 

RCRC will continue to create the world and future that we want to live in—where every person can make their own decisions for their faith, family, and future. We will be bold and unapologetic in holding this vision.

RCRC will continue to change the conversation around abortion and reproductive rights, reclaiming the faith narrative from the anti-choice movement and centering people of faith who support full access to reproductive care.

RCRC will continue to train reproductive care providers and clergy to provide compassionate care and support to people in reproductive crisis and people seeking counsel.

RCRC will continue to support the next generation of pro-choice spiritual activism, based on a deep understanding of the intersections of reproductive freedom, and all justice issues, with religion and spirituality.

RCRC will continue to listen to – and lift up –  the voices of marginalized people at the center of the fight for reproductive freedom. 

RCRC will continue to minister to the moment…and the movement.

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RCRC’s Clergy and Laypeople Proudly Support:


Access to comprehensive sexuality education


Family planning and contraception


Affordable child care and health care


Support for and access to adoption services


Safe, legal abortion services, regardless of income or circumstance