RCRC’s Compassion School is a free virtual learning opportunity, open to anyone and everyone who longs for a more compassionate and just society, and who is ready to help build toward that society.


RCRC’s flagship program is our “Compassionate Care for Reproductive Decisions and Loss” training workshop, wherein we give tools to help clergy, health care workers, social workers, legal professionals, and others connect with the people they serve in meaningful and compassionate ways. As this workshop has focused on compassion as the core for how all services should be provided to individuals in the midst of reproductive decisions and loss, it serves as the inspiration for a special new offering from RCRC: Compassion School.

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Compassion School begins Monday, September 14, 2020, featuring social media posts, informational and inspirational videos, links to key research about how to activate compassion for justice, and more.

Join us to learn more about what you can do to help us become the society we all need.


Welcome to RCRC’s Compassion School!

What exactly is Compassion School, you ask? We’ve included some helpful items below to set the stage and get you started.


(Video length: 9 min, 58 sec)

In this introductory video, Rev. Dr. Cari Jackson and Rev. Katey Zeh say “hello” and discuss:

  1. What sparked the idea for RCRC’s Compassion School and what role the pandemic played in this;
  2. If Compassion School solely focuses on the issue of reproductive freedom or if it includes other social justice issues;
  3. Who we hope will participate on Compassion School and what students may think and do differently as a result of learning more about compassion.

Recommended Resources

RCRC’s Clergy and Laypeople Proudly Support:


Access to comprehensive sexuality education


Family planning and contraception


Affordable child care and health care


Support for and access to adoption services


Safe, legal abortion services, regardless of income or circumstance