Prayers | for Children in Need

Mother-Father God, Loving Parent, it is never easy to look into the face of a child desperately in need. But we do acknowledge that it is much easier to respond and offer our help when we can actually see that desperation; see first hand the plight and witness ourselves the conditions and sources of misery.

Help us, Creator of All, to continue to open our hearts and hands to those children in our world whom we can see are motherless, fatherless, hungry, ill, abandoned, oppressed, violated, without hope, addicted, violent, homeless, imprisoned, victimized.

But we know that there are more children in need than we can actually see. More whose lives, for many reasons, are hidden from our view. More who are not only not seen and not heard but whose needs and lives are altogether forgotten by the adults who hold all the power in their world.

We are confident though, Loving One, that their need is not unseen by you, their cries are not unheard by you, nor their lives unremembered by you. So we would ask that you show them to us, and open our ears to their pleas. And when you believe that we are ready, bring us into their lives so that we might join our lives to theirs and together build a better world for every child.


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