Prayers |Litany for Those Called to Support Elected Officials

Written by Rev. Lesley Brogan of Atlanta, GA for RCRC’s “Walking Together” event

One: Gracious and loving God, we give you thanks for this new day.  We pray for the dedicated people who serve on the staffs of those who have been elected.  Use their minds and hearts to further your work in us and in our country.  Awaken in them a focus and energy for service.  Begin in them acts of justice and mercy just as mercy and justice have been shown in the past.

People: Inspire us all to do justice.

One: Merciful One, inspire and renew those called to serve on each staff so that whether seen or unseen, they know that they remain grounded in your care.  Remind them when overwhelmed and discouraged that arm in arm and heart to heart, there is grace enough here, wisdom enough here, and compassion enough here to do what is next to do.  Encourage us step-by-step to trust the path that is before us.

People: Transform us all to love tenderly.

One: Transforming God of history and mystery bless those who serve on staffs in this day of new beginnings and in the days that are to come.  They have been entrusted with this work for just this precious time.  Remind them that they are a part of something greater than the papers read over and over again, something broader than the meetings wearily attended.  Rekindle in them a passion and compassion for the greater good.  Stir up in them and in all of us a vision that sees beyond the immediate, not just for ourselves but also for generations that will follow long after us.

People: Renew us all to walk humbly with you, our God. 


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