Prayers | for Those Who Choose Adoption

Written by Jackie Heil of Kansas, a foster mother who has cared for more than 100 babies waiting to be adopted.

God of the Universe:
We pray for birth mothers. We ask for informed maturity, compassionate ears and shoulders, and tough love to help them make good choices for themselves and their children. Comfort those who grieve and give them faith and confidence in the future.

We pray for foster mothers. We give thanks for the willing hands and hearts of those who choose to care for babies and children in foster care. Give them patience and understanding and wisdom for the role they have chosen as temporary and long-term caretakers of little people.

We pray for the families who find joy and fulfillment in choosing to adopt. Be with those who come to terms with the pain of infertility, and inspire all of us who have room in our hearts and homes to include children with special needs in our families.

Bless all our children and families, and grant that we may find and reflect your love as we care for each other.


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