Leadership Training

Find tools and guidance for faith leaders, activists, clergy, and others in helping professions who provide spiritual and emotional support to those experiencing reproductive crisis in their communities.


Supporting Faith Leaders

Compassionate Care

RCRC trains professionals in ministry, healthcare, social work, and other direct care services to provide judgment-free emotional and spiritual support during times of reproductive crisis.

Talking about Reproductive Freedom in Faith Communities

Faith Perspectives

The vast majority of people of faith in America believe in protecting access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion. Explore perspectives from leaders across many faith traditions.

Blessings & Prayers

The act of praying with and for someone at a difficult time of decision is a reminder that we don't have to journey alone; it is an act of companionship and love precisely at a time when those facing reproductive crisis may feel very much alone.

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RCRC Learning Center

Our robust online Learning Center an online educational resource that equips activists, scholars, and religious leaders in support of reproductive freedom.

Support in Reproductive Crisis

Access to education and information is essential for making informed decisions about reproductive health. We have collected resources from organizations and providers we trust and put them in one place for you.

Clinic Resources

Find printable pamphlets with prayers and blessings from a variety of faith traditions, learn about our local clinic blessings, and access other support resources for providers.

Spiritual support for every stage of an abortion journey

Join the Movement

Join our community of families, parents, clergy, academics, activists, and communities of faith bringing a strong moral voice to the fight for Reproductive Freedom.

Stay connected to the movement for reproductive freedom!