RCRC Statement on Oral Arguments in June Medical Services v. Russo Supreme Court Case

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Rev. Katey Zeh

Interim CEO




March 4, 2020



Religious advocates join thousands from around the country to make it clear that God loves people who seek abortion and our faith compels us to eliminate barriers to safe, affordable care.


(Washington, DC) – Statement by the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC) on the oral arguments in the case of June Medical Services v. Russo:

“On March 4th, we will stand in front of the Supreme Court and raise our voices to make it clear that people of faith can and a majority do support the right to abortion because of our faith values. We believe that every person should be able to plan and build their families as they see fit. We commit to eliminating barriers to the health care people need whether they are trying to have a healthy pregnancy or if they need to end a pregnancy.

The decisions we make about our bodies are profound and the decisions we make about abortion and pregnancy are sacred. We should be supporting people with compassion, not judging them or taking away access.

As leaders of faith we denounce the endless attacks on abortion access. We condemn lawmakers who have the audacity to impose their personal beliefs as an excuse to deny the religious liberty of other people. That is what is happening when legislators in Louisiana or in Congress push policies to stigmatize abortion or withhold the ability to get safe, affordable care.

Not all people of faith think alike on these issues and women of all faith traditions seek abortion care. We represent various Protestant, Catholic and Jewish denominations and offer spiritual support as they make choices about their futures with the support of loved ones and in keeping with their beliefs and traditions.

We believe that God loves people who provide abortion and people who seek abortion. As conservative politicians continue to try to take away all access to abortion, we must raise our voices to make it clear that we show compassion to women and families and that we support personal decisions and healthcare access. That is what it looks like to live up to our values and our commitment to seek justice and to lead with love.”



The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice is a national community of religious organizations and faithful individuals dedicated to achieving reproductive health, rights and justice. Through education, organizing and advocacy, we seek to elevate religious voices wherever faith, policy and our reproductive lives intersect.


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