RCRC Statement on Shootings in New Zealand

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Mollie Katz

March 20, 2019



RCRC mourns the loss of 50 Muslims, murdered by a white supremacist, while they were at prayer in two mosques in New Zealand. We grieve with the loved ones of those who died. We pray for full recovery in body, mind and spirit of the many who were wounded in the attacks.

Our coalition represents people of many faiths who share the vision our various religions call on us to pursue — a world of justice and peace for all around the globe.

We grieve the loss of innocent lives. We shudder at the violence and suffering imposed by the rise of white nationalism and religious supremacy worldwide. We denounce rhetoric that fans the flames of hatred.

In these times of flagrant bigotry and mounting violence, it would be easy to give in to the sorrow and horror and to lose hope for a better future, but we will not do that. Justice can never surrender to hate.

Instead, we draw strength from our deeply held belief in the dignity and value of every person. We urge a universal effort to work unceasingly to improve our world by building bonds of understanding, repudiating divisiveness and scorn. We will show care and respect for all and will teach our children do to the same.

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