RCRC Statement on Trump’s Judicial Nominees

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February 22, 2019


Mollie Katz




Our federal courts need a diverse group of fair and independent judges. That’s not what we’re getting. Instead, 40 judges nominated by Trump were rushed through the Senate Judiciary Committee with little time for full consideration.

Within days the full Senate will begin voting on whether to confirm these nominees, on a fast-tracked schedule.

Many of the nominees revealed their biases on key constitutional issues in their writings and speeches, including antipathy to reproductive rights. Many also lack the needed courtroom experience important for nominees about to be elevated to lifetime seats on the federal bench.

The various faiths represented within RCRC all value equal justice for all. This is deeply rooted in the message of the prophets who called for a society built on caring for our neighbors, especially those struggling on society’s margins.

When it comes to reproductive rights specifically, we are guided by the words of the nineteenth century teacher Rabbi Sofer, “No woman is required to build the world by destroying herself. In considering reproductive rights cases, whose politics have largely been fueled by one set of conservative Christian beliefs, we urge all federal judges to consider this view and to preserve the right of all people to determine their futures.

Inspired by the ethics of many sacred texts, we will continue to challenge institutions and leaders who would threaten rights that all deserve.

The president is aiming to enshrine his beliefs and policies in the federal courts long-term, heightening the responsibility of senators to fully and deliberately determine which nominees will be fair and independent jurists committed to constitutional values such as equal justice for all.


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