Opponents of reproductive freedom have long used the American legal system at the federal and state levels to limit women’s reproductive choices, particularly when it comes to choosing an abortion.

RCRC brings other religious values, views and voices to the legal fight to assure reproductive rights.

RCRC staunchly defends religious liberty that allows each individual to make personal life decisions in keeping with their beliefs, but which also prevents the beliefs of some to restrict the options of others.

Our reproductive justice perspective calls us to defend in particular the rights of those most marginalized among us — women of color and the poor and to consider the legal and other factors that affect their decisions.

From the earliest days after the June 2016 Supreme Court decision in the landmark case Whole Woman’s Health vs. Hellerstedt, RCRC has been aware that anti-abortion strategists were shifting their plans and devising new ways to introduce legislation designed to pass state legislatures that advances the conservative religious agenda.

RCRC is strengthening its advocacy, speaking out more often and more vigorously, through clergy and laypeople, to bring a wider range of religious perspectives to this crucial issue.

“Real religious conversation about anything important is rich and complicated.”

– Rabbi Jessica Kirschner

RCRC Actions
  • Outreach in the South in response to virulently anti-abortion religious and political climate
  • Grassroots work with affiliates in 11 states around the country
  • Collaboration with secular pro-choice groups, bringing faith into our shared cause
  • Activating laypeople and clergy

RCRC’s Clergy and Laypeople Proudly Support:


Access to comprehensive sexuality education


Family planning and contraception


Affordable child care and health care


Support for and access to adoption services


Safe, legal abortion services, regardless of income or circumstance