Clinic Resources

Spiritual beliefs can play a significant role in reproductive health decisions. By providing resources and opportunities for dialogue, we hope to help individuals and communities navigate these issues with compassion and understanding.

Health Center/ Clinic Pamphlets

Clarifying What You Believe

With so many people re-evaluating old beliefs about abortion and reproductive health, we noticed a need for sound, faith-based resources that can help guide individuals through this process. Clarifying What You Believe offers new perspectives and compassionate support.

Prayers and Meditations

We offer this collection of blessings and prayers, curated from a wide variety of pro-choice spiritual leaders, for patients and their family members seeking compassionate spiritual anchoring during the clinical stage of an abortion journey.

Clinic Blessings

RCRC works with spiritual leaders and organizations in local communities to lead interfaith, inclusive rituals of blessing in healthcare facilities and clinics where abortion services are provided.

We affirm that the care and compassion given to pregnant individuals honor their full personhood – a personhood which cannot and must not be diminished for any reason.

We affirm the work of abortion care as sacred.

More training and support

Resources for clergy

Training for clergy seeking to facilitate honest, compassionate conversations about reproductive health in communities of faith.

Support for Repro Crisis

Find education and support for those directly experiencing reproductive crisis; from infertility and loss to postpartum healing.

Learning Center

Academic training for those looking to empower their activism and community organizing with more rigorous study of the issues that intersect Reproductive Justice.

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