Statement on Decision in Whole Woman’s Health V. Hellerstedt Case

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We are very pleased with today’s decision. It is a vitally important judicial affirmation of a woman’s right to make her own reproductive choices and to access abortion care. At the same time, the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC) is deeply concerned about the future of reproductive freedom because on these issues the extreme religious and moral views of the religious right have dominated America’s public debate.

The fact is, not all people of faith think alike on these issues. Because of our religious convictions, our coalition representing various Protestant, Catholic and Jewish denominations offers women spiritual support and solace as they make their reproductive choices.

Our beliefs

Our traditions teach compassion for the complex choices each individual may confront and the impact of these choices on families.

Our religions teach us that a just society treats every person equally regardless of sex, color or economic status.

Our religious beliefs call on us to respect dignity and humanity. This leads us to challenge the shame and stigma that too many in the religious community have long attached to sex, sexuality and reproduction.

For RCRC, religion is a living tradition. Adapting and interpreting our faith to changing times is central to retaining religious meaning.

Our actions

RCRC considers the conservative hold on our issues an urgent problem. We are therefore stepping up our faith-based action to protect reproductive freedom.

We will expand our pastoral care training, recognizing the sacred task of caring for women facing complicated decisions. We will increase our activism in the states. And we will advocate especially strongly in the religiously and politically hostile environment of the South.

Today the Supreme Court again recognizes the legal validity of reproductive freedom. This occurs at a time when most Americans, including people of faith, overwhelmingly support access to a range of reproductive health services including abortion, which major physician groups have deemed medically safe. Yet the agenda of the religious right continues to seek unnecessary limits on access to abortion for women and girls around the country. We encourage other faith groups to join us in reframing the religious and moral debate in his important fight for reproductive health, rights and justice.


The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice is a national community of religious organizations and faithful individuals dedicated to achieving reproductive health, rights and justice. Through education, organizing and advocacy, we seek to elevate religious voices wherever faith, policy and our reproductive lives intersect.

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