Statement Responding to Senate Judiciary Committee Vote on Kavanaugh Nomination

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September 28, 2018


Mollie Katz

Statement Responding to Senate Judiciary Committee Vote on Kavanaugh Nomination

The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice is disappointed in the 11-10 vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee to send Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the full Senate for a vote from the floor.

Calling for an FBI investigation of the accusations in this case is the right thing to do.  We have earlier expressed our wish for an investigation to Senate Judiciary Committee leaders. Again we call upon elected officials to unite behind a full, fair, trauma-informed investigation before the full Senate votes on this nominee.

We respect and believe survivors of sexual assault, and we are morally opposed to elevating anyone to a high office such as Supreme Court justice when credible accusations have been made against that person.

We have opposed Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination from the beginning. His record suggests he would be likely to reduce or eliminate women’s reproductive freedom, threaten religious liberty which is a pillar of American democracy and rule in other ways not compatible with our values of caring for our neighbors, even those on society’s margins.


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