RCRC’s original Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom (SYRF) program has cultivated some of the best and brightest figures in the faith and repro movement.

Now it’s been revived and reimagined for our current moment by the newest generation of activists and future leaders!


A-Nya Badger
SYRF Student Organizer

Rose Miller
SYRF Student Organizer

Margaret Velto
SYRF Student Organizer

Our mission.

We engage in spiritually-based pro-choice activism based on a deep understanding of the intersections of reproductive freedom, and all justice issues, with religion and spirituality. On academic campuses across the United States, we provide multi-faith fellowship for students regardless of faith to integrate their spirituality with their pursuit for reproductive justice.

Through education and action, we collaborate with spiritual youth across campuses, religious denominations, community service organizations, and the world at large to build a network of compassionate, pro-choice, spiritual leaders.

“We envision a world in which the reproductive autonomy and freedom of all people are honored and supported as integral to their human flourishing and spiritual expression.”

Our Chapters.

Wellesley College, MA


Oberlin College, OH


Berea College, KY (under development)

Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom (SYRF) provides opportunities on academic campuses for spiritual fellowship and justice advocacy, centering on a commitment to reproductive freedom.

SYRF functions on campuses in two ways: operates as a program that is officially chartered by the college/university, or as a less formal club operating within an officially chartered student group. SYRF groups seek to collaborate with a cross-section of faith-based and justice-based clubs, groups, and societies on campus and with groups and organizations in their surrounding community that share a commitment to work for justice.

As a program of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC), SYRF is organized by students who work closely with RCRC to assess the best ways to have a SYRF presence on their campus, share RCRC educational resources with students and the general community, coordinate with RCRC to bring spiritual leaders and justice advocates as event speakers, and collaborate with SYRF groups on other campuses.

For information about organizing a SYRF chapter or presence on your campus, click on the link below.

Our values.

Compassion is a spiritual principle lived out in justice advocacy

All people deserve access to quality and affordable reproductive health care

We support reproductive freedom and dignity guided by our faith

Everyone deserves judgment-free spiritual care that supports their values and beliefs

All people are whole and sacred across sexuality, gender, race, class, ability, and faith

We continue the work for freedom longed for and begun by our ancestors

Everyone has the right to autonomy over their bodies and reproductive decisions

SYRF activities include:

  • Organizing interfaith educational and advocacy events both on campus and off-campus,
  • Providing nonjudgmental spaces for individuals to share their spiritual and reproductive journeys,
  • Facilitating discussions about the spirituality of reproductive decisions,
  • Participating in local community action in support of abortion care,
  • Organizing students and community members to participate in legislative advocacy, locally and nationally.
Meet our SYRF grads.

Rev. Katey Zeh

The SYRF program equipped me for my first advocacy meeting on Capitol Hill in which I had the opportunity to talk about my support of reproductive freedom because of my faith, not in spite of it. I will never forget how impactful that experience was of learning how to use my voice and claim my religious values in the halls of power.

Trey Lusk

As a male, queer-identified social justice activist, I look back upon the literal safe space SYRF offered to empower my values and deepen my faith. In the time since SYRF, much has changed in my life. My commitment to reproductive justice, however, has remained constant. That commitment led me in 2019 to found the Nebraska Religious Council for Reproductive Freedom and to join the RCRC Board in 2021. SYRF was truly the beginning of what became a lifelong journey towards being a pro-choice, pro-faith, and pro-family advocate. SYRF was invaluable to my life and I highly recommend it to any young person wishing to be a part of systems change and spiritual impact.

Dr. Monique Moultrie

My time with The Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom (SYRF) was transformative because it gave me an opportunity to participate in an online community for young, pro-choice people of faith. After leaving behind my conservative Christian ideology, I went searching for spaces that more closely aligned with my faith and social commitments. I found in SYRF resources to better explain my views, opportunities to learn more about reproductive choice (and especially the way reproductive freedom was restricted for women of color); and resources to support my burgeoning activism in this area.