RCRC's Theologies Project

RCRC’s new Theologies Project introduces more voices of progressive religious scholars and theologians into the public debate over reproductive health, rights and justice which has been dominated by religious conservatives.

These religious scholars and theologians, coming from various faiths, all agree that powerful faith traditions and moral teachings call us to be prophetic voices for change.


What is Our Prophetic Voice?

Our prophetic voice in support of reproductive health, rights and justice affirms a women’s moral authority to make decisions about her own body. It challenges voices that seek to suppress women’s God-given free will.

Our prophetic voice challenges religious traditions, which subjugate the bodies of women and girls.

It speaks for the sacredness of sex and sexuality, which make us human.

It confronts oppressive theologies that shame and blame women because of sex and sexuality.

It affirms and values women’s moral capacity to make decisions that are in the best interests of their families and their communities.

Our voices for reproductive justice focus particularly on women and girls at the margins of society. They have never shared equally in progress realized on reproductive issues.

RCRC recognizes that what is equal is not always what is equitable, as women and girls at the margins of society live their lives at the intersection of multiple forms of oppression that prevent them from realizing full reproductive autonomy and self-determination.

Fighting this injustice and oppression, RCRC’s Theologies Project will add a new religious dimension to our progressive movement.

“To talk about these issues openly and honestly—that is life-affirming, God-affirming, and human-dignity-affirming. And that is the heart of what all religion is about.”

– Rabbi Jessica Kirschner

The Theologies Project will:
  • Educate religious scholars and theologians about reproductive justice
  • Explore reproductive justice within religious contexts
  • Create opportunities for religious scholars and theologians to speak and write about reproductive issues
  • Bring progressive religious scholars’ and theologians’ views to wider public attention through the media
  • Build bridges between progressive religious scholars, theologians and grassroots reproductive justice activists of faith

RCRC’s Clergy and Laypeople Proudly Support:


Access to comprehensive sexuality education


Family planning and contraception


Affordable child care and health care


Support for and access to adoption services


Safe, legal abortion services, regardless of income or circumstance