Would amend the Alabama State Constitution to recognize “the rights of unborn children” and state that the Alabama constitution does not provide a right to abortion or require funding for abortion. Should Roe v. Wadebe overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, this amendment, should it pass, would make it constitutional for abortion to be banned in Alabama. Amendment 2 does not allow for exceptions, whether to save the life of a pregnant woman, preserve her health, or in cases rape or incest.

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RCRC urges Alabama voters to vote “No” on Amendment 2.


Would amend the Oregon State Constitution to prohibit publicly funded health care plans including the Oregon Health Plan and those covering public employees such as teachers, firefighters, and nurses from directly or indirectly covering abortion care. This measure has been defeated twice before by Oregon voters.

Read more about the ballot measure here. Hear a radio interview with RCRC leader Rev. Bill Sinkford regarding interfaith activities in opposition to Measure 106 here.

RCRC urges Oregon voters to vote “No” on Measure 106.


Would amend the West Virginia State Constitution to clarify that nothing in the state constitution protects the right to choose an abortion or requires funding for abortion care. The state already has restrictive anti-abortion laws, including funding prohibitions. These laws have not been implemented due to rulings by both state and federal courts that found them to be unconstitutional. Should Roe v. Wade be overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, those laws could go into effect. Amending the state constitution would mean that any legislation allowing for abortion rights could not go into effect.

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RCRC urges West Virginia voters to vote “No” on Amendment 1.