Prayers | An Islamic Prayer

by Imam Dr. Khaleel Mohammed

The Qur’an says: God does not tax a being beyond its capability. (2:286) And remember, too, that God says, “And when my servants ask you about me, I am close…I answer the please of the asker if he asks me.” (Q2:186). Take heart then, and know that God understands what you do and why you do it. There is nothing that you may not ask your God about. You are a woman and you are born free.

Remember that all perceive through the lenses of human fallibility. What is the first verse of the Qur’an? In the name of God, the Beneficent, and Merciful. It is not about judgment or forgiveness, even…but that beneficence and mercy and love that are part of God’s essence. And for whom is the beneficence, this mercy, if not for you?


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