Compassionate Care

Every day, thousands of individuals are faced with life-changing reproductive decisions and losses. How should people of faith respond to these needs? How should we respond when we do not share values with those who are dealing with their reproductive issues? How should compassion guide the care we provide?

Clergy and Helping Professionals

RCRC trains professionals in ministry, healthcare, social work, and other direct care services to provide judgment-free emotional and spiritual support at these times. We do this to help ensure that individuals who experience reproductive challenges and crises are supported in ways that honor their human dignity focusing on their lived experiences, spiritual beliefs, moral values, hopes and needs.

Training Objectives

  • Stay focused on the life situations, beliefs and values of care-seekers
  • Strengthen your skills to provide spiritual care in secular spaces
  • Learn about the origins of fetal personhood and the changes in attitudes and policies about reproduction across U.S. history
  • Increase your knowledge about what different religions teach about reproductive issues and how these teachings might impact care-seekers
  • Expand your network with other spiritual leaders, healthcare providers, social workers and direct services professionals and students in your community
  • Develop strategies for fostering more compassionate congregations and communities that support reproductive dignity and freedom

Trainings and Offerings

Two-day in-person

Training for clergy seeking to facilitate honest, compassionate conversations about reproductive health in communities of faith.

In-person plus webinars

Find education and support for those directly experiencing reproductive crisis; from infertility and loss to postpartum healing.

Webinars only

Academic training for those looking to empower their activism and community organizing with more rigorous study of the issues that intersect Reproductive Justice.

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